Can you help us reach 1,000 prisoners?

For almost two decades the Abundant Place team of volunteers has been traveling the United States sharing hope and love with prisoners.

Abundant Place recently launched its funding campaign…… Reach Out 1,000.

The challenge is to find 1,000 individuals, churches, businesses, small groups, clubs, organizations etc. who are willing to commit to the mission field of Abundant Place.

With 1,000 contributors committing a gift of $100 annually we would reach our goal of $100,000 with which we could effectively fund the countless outreach opportunities we receive.

Abundant Place is developing an army of community members who want to reach prisoners so they cab be FREE on the inside. If each one can just reach one then we would effectively reach 1,000 prisoners both in and out of custody with much needed hope and healing.

Abundant Place is a non-profit organization which makes your gifts tax deductible.  If you’d like to join the army please make your donation today. Of course you can always give more than $100.  And please don’t keep us a secret. Help us reach 1,000 quickly by sharing our mission with your friends, family, churches, and business partners.

Thank you in advance for supporting prisoners across America.

Support Abundant Place and Reach Out 1K by making a tax deductible donation today