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Onward & Upward

There’s always a ton of stuff going on here at Abundant Place. These next few months are extremely busy with a variety of activities going on. We have nine speaking engagements currently crossing over a few different platforms.  Several women’s events in churches, a couple Conferences for Leaders on effective community outreach models, and a couple University Conferences on Public Safety and Leadership Development.

We also have our other projects we are coordinating including an upcoming Employers Forum, Free At Last – Destiny Conference, Intro to Case Management training for FRNS, and another statewide Reentry Conference for California.

This is on top of our in-custody events which include visits to Women’s prisons, local jails and the Trauma Classes we teach in partnership with probation.

Every day there are opportunities to save and change lives. Thanks for following along and supporting us in these efforts. We are always aware that the efforts we put in today will still have a ripple effect on generations to come.

Onward & Upward,