Welcome to Abundant Place

Hello, my name is Deanna Allen. Abundant Place was created for anyone who may be experiencing emptiness and needs a good filling. It has developed from the memory of what it was like feeling utterly hopeless, helpless, broken, tired and empty. This site was developed to point the way to freedom for the prisoner and those held captive by pain. Those of us behind the scenes of Abundant Place have all been there.

Fortunately today we know that there is a source of peace, hope, joy, and love for us no matter what our circumstance. Whether you or someone you know are experiencing a momentary temporary setback or have been empty for as long as you can remember it is our prayer that you will be encouraged through the inspirational words found on this site.

We pray that you will thoroughly explore the tools of this site. We have listed some resources that you may find helpful, a team of prayer support to pray for you in your time of need, encouraging scriptures and more.

There is freedom available to you. Whatever your situation may be, there is hope. Welcome to the first day of a new life. Let everyday be a new day. We pray that you will be empty no more but filled completely and abundantly with good things and a life that sings a song of hope.

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